Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Don't ..

Just stay
Not to complete any picture
To me you're more than 'missing piece'

I wish I could ask you to .. Stay
Not as a brother or friend
I have plenty of both

Because I feel warm

Stay.. Not to play a role
But to cherish my soul

I am so addicted

I feel you push evil away

Stay because you explode my strength & confidence

Stay because I know I can lay back & relax

Stay because I want to hold your hands

Stay because it feels right

لان شكلي حبيتك

I want to text you:

Can we be more than friends ? I have strong feelings for u & I can't take it anymore'

Because u make sense to every nonsense I say

Just .. Stay


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Sunday, December 16, 2012

like a diamond

Let's fall in love
With no fear from tomorrow

Let's never pretend
Let's not put a false mask on

Let's be us
With our perfections and flaw

Let's not judge
Who doesn't have a shady past?

Let me love you the way you are...
Give it all with no hesitate, and give in without regrets

Let's love one another ...

Let's fall in love, not once but a million time a day, everyday!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

بلا عنوان

Memories shoved away
A life so full today
Always been this way...

The smile of love always differs
From any joy or laughters

Lonesome is my fear, big crowd can't cure
Only one always knew how to add life to a paint

I love your presence in my life
Gives it sparkle and joy
Exact amount I need
For my picture to reach perfection

I don't mind the pain you bring
We were all born screaming as there is a share of sorrow as we breathe
And we are humans after all
A combination of angles and demons I suppose

As long as you take my neutralism to an extreme
Melt the frozen veins within me
Maximise the craze and explode desires
Even the darkest most irrational ones
Control it all
The rise .... the fall
You are more than welcome to my life
Because I need and miss ...

the smile of being in love that is certainly different!